Aberystwyth Printmakers Old College Workshop

Using the Workshop

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday            Saturday                              Sunday
7.30am to 9pm                  10am – 4pm                       Closed
Non Term-time
Monday to Friday            Saturday and Sunday
7.30am to 8pm                  Closed
(term dates can be found on the Aberystwyth University Website)

Who can use the Workshop?
AP General Membership
Anyone who is a paid-up member of Aberystwyth Printmakers and whose annual membership of £20 (£10 concession) is up-to-date can arrange to use the workshop facilities.

(i) Induction of New Members
Anyone who has not used the workshop before is required to complete an induction with one of the supervisors listed below. This will involve completion of a tick-box form and a general tour of the workshop, general instruction on procedures, Health & Safety and basic use of presses and machinery. Once completed, the form should be signed by the member and by the supervisor and logged in the ‘workshop file’.

(ii) Supervised Membership
For those members, who are unsure about using the workshop by themselves, or maybe have limited experience of processes and techniques or simply would prefer to work with someone else: those members are advised to arrange time with one of the Supervisors listed below. Please note that all supervisors are unpaid volunteers – so please book time well in advance to avoid disappointment.

(iii) Unsupervised Membership
For those members who are professional printmakers and have good experience of working in a print workshop: a studio membership card can be provided. To gain access the card must be shown to the University Porters and they will let you in. To obtain a card – please email a passport style photograph to Paul Croft and he will prepare a laminated card for you.
Below is a list of the supervisors contact details, and days when they are most likely to be available.

The studio payment system has changed from November 1st, 2015.  Printmakers using the studio should fill in the form stating the hours and materials used. They will be billed at the end of each month. This system is to avoid keeping cash in the workshop.
Please note our charges remain the same.

Studio Supervisors
To contact a supervisor please see our Supervisors Supervisors Contact info:

Aberystwyth Printmakers Workshop Supervisors