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Jonah Evans

After completing a Fine Art course at Coleg Ceredigion, in Aberystwyth, I spent a year at home, in Borth, working on a series of lino-prints. 


Living on the coast of mid Wales and spending time in the natural landscape around my home, at a time when there were Covid restrictions and isolation, I was able to feed my work with images of what that landscape meant to me. Images of animals, particularly birds and sea creatures, feature in these prints.


Since taking up a course at UWE in Bristol, and moving to the city, I am now working on more urban subject matter. My art practise is now inspired by graffiti and tattoo designs. I have started my own brand (@Ratpeated ) and although my initial training and interest was in the art of print I am now exploring the possibilities of producing images digitally. I work on commissions for posters, T shirt designs and general promotion for up and coming brands with similar interest as well as continuing my own interest in graphic tattoo designs.


The flowing motion of lino cutting will always remain important to me. 

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