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'Etched and Carved' Jay's Gallery, Tregaron - October 2019

AP Winter Exhibition' Bronglais Hospital - October 2019


Four free talks at the four Art Galleries in Aberystwyth 2019

Monday 4th March at 6pm at Aberystwyth Art Centre open to A/P and the public

Speakers: Judy and Mark Macklin 

Rivers of Gold is an International exhibition of prints touring to various parts of the world. Introduced by Professor John Harvey, Judy and Mark will be discussing the artists’ work and the wider issues it raises for planetary health in the 21st century.

Starting in the Arts Centre Cinema then moving into the gallery for refreshments and Q&A.

This exhibition takes a global and ‘deep time’ view of society’s complex and changing relationship with mining and the use of metals. Focusing on gold and the goldfields of Australia, New Zealand and Wales, 40 artists consider our ambiguous and evolving relationship with this most

precious of metals. These include colonial environmental and societal legacies as well as the insidious and long-lived nature of metal contamination that continues to affect ecosystem and human health worldwide.

This exhibition appeared in Santander International Print Festival, Spain 2018.

Saturday July 13th at 2pm at  the National Library of Wales open to A/P and the Friends of the National Library 

Speaker: Clive Hicks-Jenkins 

Clive talks about producing 14 screen prints inspired by the story ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’,produced with Dan Bugg of Penfold Press. 

Inspired by the original fourteenth century verse drama, and the more recent publication of the acclaimed translation by Simon Armitage, Clive began producing paintings but soon decided that the multi-layered ‘intricacy’ of the poem suggested printmaking.

Come and hear how his ‘playfulness’ with the process led to a magnificent flourishing of the fourteen beautiful images.

Saturday October 12th at 3pm at Ceredigion Museum talks to the A/P and the Friends of Ceredigion Museum 

Speaker: Edwina Ellis 

Edwina Ellis will be talking about her working methods to produce designs using traditional prints through to i-pad drawings for coins struck by the Royal Mint.

Edwina designed a series of four ‘Bridge’ one pound coins using lino cuts for the initial work. The coins represent the four regions of the United Kingdom and were minted between 2004 and 2006.

Since then she has worked regularly with the Royal Mint including designs for 8 commemorative crowns, seven for World War 1 centenary 2014-2018 and last year a Christmas crown.

She is working once again with the Royal Mint on a new design for 2019. 

Tuesday 12th November at 6:30 at the School of Art open to A/P and Guests

Speaker: Flora McLachlan RE talks to A/P and Guests about her exhibition 

‘In the forests of the night’

Alongside her exhibition of etchings and lithographs at the School of Art, Flora will talk about the literary, visual and technical influences shaping her work.

"For me the lithographic marks seem especially expressive of the water-carved landscape of Wales, and also of the fluidity of poetic images as they arise within the mind. The drawing seems to swim up out of the stone. I find it an essential foil to etching, where my work begins with deep dark acid-biting, followed by laboriously carving and scraping down the metal plate, polishing the light back in, and then weathering it again by painting mists and shadows with strong acid straight onto the plate."

Dates of exhibition are 7 October 2019 – 22 November 2019

Past Exhibitions

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