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Tutor: Marian Haf

Dates: Thursday 27th and Friday 28th June 2024

Time: 10am-4pm

6 Spaces available.

Location: AP Studio Brogerddan, Penrhyncoch, Aberystwyth, SY23 3ED

In this two day workshop we will be transforming household packaging into playful prints using the magic of printmaking, suitable for beginners and more seasoned printmakers looking to explore collagraphs, it’s also super for educators as it translates well into a classroom.

By the end of the two days, we will have.


  • Learnt how to prepare and translate an image into both an intaglio and relief collagraph and their differences.
  • How to manipulate the packaging with different tools and techniques to achieve tonal variation with contrasting linear mark making.
  • To ink the plate both intaglio and relief and how to combine the two
  • Which paper to choose and how to prepare them along with plate registration and good working practice in achieving a clean result.
  • Printing with a press
  • Explored different papers for chine colle and incorporated them into our prints (a process of adding colour to your prints through collaging paper into your print)
  • Designed, made, inked and printed a collection of original print using both intaglio and relief inking with chine colle.


I’m very much looking forward to sharing this relaxed informal day of printing with you!

Printing using Packaging with Chine collé (27th and 28th June 2024))

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