The Welsh Quilt Centre | May 17th - June 18th


National Botanic Garden of Wales | April 2nd - 29th May 2022

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Spring Workshops 2022

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Hand-coloured Linocut

Stuart Evans

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Alternative Drypoint

Brian Hindmarch

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Stone Lithography

Paul Croft

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Colour Etching & Aquatint

Bronwen Sleigh


Mokuhanga Japanese Woodblock

Elspeth Lamb

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To use the studio your membership must be up to date, you must attend an induction session to familiarise yourself with the new layout and protocols before you try booking time slots using our new online system. This has been put into place to comply with ongoing COVID restrictions on social distancing which limit the number of people using the studio to a maximum of FOUR plus ONE (Tutor or Supervisor) at any one time


If you are intending to work in the studio unsupervised, you will be issued with a keycard, providing that we feel confident that you are competent to use the facilities without need of assistance.


Those wanting to work with a supervisor - will be able to contact one of our supervisors to arrange a time that is mutually convenient as was the case when we were in Old College. We are still in process of putting together a list of supervisors – and this will be posted on the website in due course. If you are interested in becoming a supervisor – please let us know.

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