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Our Print Studio

Aberystwyth Printmakers operates a printmakers’ studio just outside Aberystwyth in leafy Brogerddan. The studio is open to all members of the group. We offer a range of printmaking courses for beginners, supervised sessions for printmakers wanting technical advice and open sessions for experienced members. 

The studio is currently set up for Intaglio, Relief and Lithography. For a full list of our facilities see the equipment list below.


We can do etching with copper plates using traditional wax grounds but we also offer the use of BIG an ink ground developed by Andrew Baldwin, the printmaking technician at the School of Art in Aberystwyth.  This is rolled onto the metal plate and then cured on a hot plate or in an oven.

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We can and do use other metals and mordants, other than ferric chloride.  These are set up on an as needed basis in horizontal baths. In addition to etching the etching presses are also used for drypoint plates and for producing monoprints.


Relief printing  –  lino, woodcut, collograph etc – is done mostly on the Albion press.  For larger prints, however, we have calibrated the Tofko etching press to take a wide range of plate thicknesses and we have used it successfully for relief printing.


We supply a range of printing paper, relief and etching inks, wax and acrylic grounds, tissue paper and newsprint. Our artists can purchase these as required.

Becoming a Member

Interested in becoming a member? Please download and complete the application form and email to


Access to the workshop is for members only, you will be given access to our online booking system once you join. 



We have a collection of antique and modern presses which can cater for all types of Lino, wood cut, monoprint, Stone lithography etching work. 

  • 'Margaret Henry' Albion Press

    • Plate size: 40cm x 40cm

    • Year of Manufacture 1890

  • 'Sarah James' Furnival Direct Lithography Press

    • Press Bed: 105cm x 70cm

    • Year of Manufacture: est. 1900

  • TOFKO Etching / Combination Press

    • Press Bed: 100cm x 180c

    • 2 Blankets

    • No 9519

  • 'John Jones' Tabletop Etching Press

    • Press Bed: 75cm x 38cm

    • 3 Blankets

    • Year of Manufacture: est. 1970s

  • Hunter Penrose Press

    • Press Bed: 75cm x 40cm

    • 3 Blankets

    • Year of Manufacture: est. 1980s


Etching equipment suitable for copper, aluminium and Zinc etc​.


Our etching presses can be used for dry point plates and producing monoprints

  • Electric Rochat Hot Plate

    • 61cm x 46cm

  • Electric Beko Compact 

    • 2 Hot plates and oven

    • 58cm x 36xm x 33cm

  • Ferric chloride etching tank

    • 0.6m wide x 0.46m deep

  • Aquatint Spray booth and compressor for acrylic spray aquatint 

  • Aquatint Box for Resin Aquatint


  • Lithography Roller

    • Leather Roller 35cm x 12cm

  • Lithography Stones x 6

    • 380mm x 280mm

  • Wide Selection of Papers available to purchase 

  • Selection of Durathane relief Rollers 

  • Inks available to purchase by the gram for Intaglio, Litho and Typography. 

Letter Press

  • Collection of lead type and the frames to set them in

  • Adana Press 8x5

  • Adana Press 5x3

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