Charlotte Baxter

Charlotte lives near Aberystwyth, on the Welsh coast, with her family – close to her childhood home.  She draws inspiration for her work from her surroundings, and from her experiences of growing up in this coastal town. Conveying a sense of movement and life is particularly important to her, and this is one of the reasons she is drawn to the coast: the tides, weather and waves provide an ever-changing subject matter, and she enjoys the challenges of trying to capture the essence of this unique place.

Working with lino and woodcut brings exciting possibilities and challenges – most notably the unpredictable results that can be achieved through building layers, pattern and texture within her prints. Charlotte works with relief printing methods by carving a design into a lino or wooden block using small carving tools. She then inks the carved block using a roller (brayer) and the design is transferred to paper using a press or by hand using a baren. Layers can be added by printing on top of the initial print using additional blocks (multi block) or by cutting away the same block and printing with a different colour (reduction method).