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Charlotte’s work begins with a moment of connection she experiences in the natural world and the yearning to translate this experience into an image through the printmaking process. 

Her work acknowledges the rhythms and cycles of nature and the dynamic beauty she observes in the landscape. She is often drawn to the places where water meets the land, finding the visual contrasts between these two elements particularly inspiring.

Charlotte works primarily with relief printing methods and finds great freedom within the confines of the printmaking process with each element bringing its own unique opportunities for the unexpected to happen.

She uses a variety of tools to cut away and reveal the image from the block often working intuitively to add texture and pattern using the natural chisel marks to depict the forms she experiences in the landscape around her. She then prints the carved blocks in succession altering the colour and transparency of the ink in response to the previous layers to give the desired effect.


The printed woodgrain often forms an integral part of the image and her use of local ash wood or even gathered driftwood for her blocks give a tangible connection to the landscape.

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