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Banner artwork: Gini Wade

Clwb Argraffu

A sefydlwyd yn 2013, mae clwb argraffu Argraffwyr Aberystwyth yn rhoi cyfle i aelodau’r cyhoedd i brynu printiau gwreiddiol o’r ansawdd uchaf am brisiau forddiadwy. Yn gweithio ar y cyd â'r prif wneuthurwr printiau Paul Croft, mae'r artistiaid canlynol wedi cyfrannu hyd yma: arlynudd Cymreig enwog Mary Lloyd Jones, Ian Phillips, Karen Pearce, Stuart Evans, Flora McLachlan, Gini Wade a Shani Rhys James.


Gofynnir i artistiaid wneud lithograff sydd yn adlewyrchu eu harfer celf eu hunain. Gwneir llyniadau yn uniongyrchol ar y gerrig neu’r plat, mae’r delweddau yn cael eu brofi gan Croft a wedi hynny eu argraffu mewn rhifynnau o 25 – 40. Er bod printiau yn seiliedig ar frasluniau a wnaed gan yr artistiaid - mae'r printiau hyn yn cael eu tynnu fel delweddau gwreiddiol annibynnol ac nid ydynt yn cael eu hystyried fel atgynyrchiadau.


Mae'r holl incwm a godir trwy werthu'r printiau hyn yn helpu Argraffwyr Aberystwyth i barhau i hyrwyddo gwneud printiau, cynnal dosbarthiadau a darparu cyfleusterau i wneuthurwyr printiau sy'n byw yn Aberystwyth, canol a gorllewin Cymru.


Mae'r brintiau ar werth am £75 yr un heb eu fframio a gellir eu harchebu trwy gysylltu â Paul Croft neu Aberystwyth Printmakers. Gellir talu trwy siec a wneir i Aberystwyth Printmakers - ar gyfer archeb bost ychwanegwch £ 7.50 am gludo (DU). Gellir talu hefyd gan PayPal neu drwy drosglwyddiad electronig - cysylltwch â Paul Croft ar i gael manylion.


Pete Monaghan

Allt Goch Y Mynydd I

Pete Monaghan GR.jpg

“Neglected and dilapidated places fascinate Pete Monaghan. He has returned to them over and over again until they have become firmly established as the subject matter of his paintings. What is it that draws some of us to the tumbledown, to the make-do, to ramshackle farms and rusting echoes of abandoned barns? These are tatty, unaesthetic places. Many people turn their gaze away from them but, for those with eyes to see them, their forms are beautiful and their stories are compelling. Every detail reflects some labour, the solution to some problem: each boulder in the dry-stone walls was once lifted into place by hand, each patch made in corrugated-iron roofs is the ghost of someone’s ladder-reach. These places all were once the centre of someone’s life.”(Dr. Peter Wakelin 2016) 

Pete finds his subjects particularly in the wild, weather-beaten celtic fringes. His fascination with vernacular architecture, especially barns and farmsteads celebrates the beauty and dignity of humble buildings, these subjects share the down-to-earth honesty he strives for in his art.  Further information about Pete can be found on his website at:


Ruth Jen Evans

Yr Anfarwolion /The Immortals

01a The Immortals TN (1).jpg

This year's print for Aberystwyth Printmakers Print Collectors Club is Anfarwolion/ The Immortals', a 4-run lithograph by the artist Ruth Jen Evans. Based in Talybont, Aberystwyth. Ruth is a multimedia artist, whose works often incorporate monoprint, linocut, screenprinting, drawing and collage. She also makes work in ceramics, and her current exhibition at MOMA Wales (18 September - 13 November), incorporates film and animation. Printed in collaboration with Master Printer Paul Croft, Anfarwolion' has been drawn with lithographic crayon and tusche wash, and printed in four runs from plate and stone in a limited split-edition of just 30 impressions: 15 on Hahnemuhle and 15 on Rives Cream paper.


This print by Ruth is an attempt to create her own personal mythology and derives in part from some of the recent linocuts and ceramic creatures she has been making. Having been brought up in a close rural community, from early childhood Ruth has been immersed in a strong tradition of story telling, both factual and imaginary. As an artist she sees the images she creates as a continuation of this but through a visual medium rather than the spoken one. She is fascinated by folk tales and fairy tales and often references Welsh stories and folklore in her work.



Shani Rhys James

Combing Her Hair


This year's print for Aberystwyth Printmaker's Print Collector's Club is titled 'Combing Her Hair', a lithograph by the famous Welsh artist Shani Rhys James MBE. 

Shani was born in Melbourne in 1953, but has been living and working in Wales for much of her adult life. Based in Llangadfan in Powys, she is considered to be one of the most exciting and successful painters of her generation, and one of the most significant artists currently working in Wales. Elected a fellow of the Royal Cambrian Academy in 1994, she exhibits her work at galleries across the UK and abroad. 

For this print, Shani says that she was inspired by a woodcut of a woman combing her hair by the Japanese artist Hashiguchi Goyo (1880 - 1921), a print that she had seen exhibited at the British Museum. In the original woodcut, she was interested in the decorative element of the dressing gown, but for this lithograph, the woman has a spotty dressing gown instead, which she feels gives it a more contemporary appearance and makes it somewhat more expressionistic. The cat in the lithograph was added to balance the composition.

Printed in collaboration with Master Printer Paul Croft, 'Combing Her Hair' has been printed from stone drawn using lithographic crayon and ink and printed in a limited edition of just 25 impressions. 

Gini Wade


Rhiannon's Dream

2018 - 01a Gini Print TN.jpg

This year’s print for Aberystwyth Printmakers Print Collectors Club is ‘Rhiannon’s Dream’ by the well known Welsh artist and illustrator Gini Wade. Working from her studio in Llanidloes, in mid-Wales, her art practice ranges across drawing, painting, lithography, relief printing, and animation.

Gini is a director of Aberystwyth Printmakers and teaches lithography at the Sidney Nolan Trust, Presteigne. She was voted the Best Welsh Artist of 2016 in the National Open Art Competition.


Printed in collaboration with Master Printer Paul Croft, ‘Rhiannon’s Dream’ has been drawn in lithographic crayon and tusche wash, and printed in four runs from plate and stone in a limited split-edition of just 30 impressions on Rives Grey and Somerset Grey papers. The image reflects Gini’s interest in myths and legends, stories from across the globe that deal with our common origins and ancient histories. For this print she has focused upon Rhiannon, the strong female character from the Welsh Mabinogi, along with her enchanted birds, which here are conflated with the magical murmurations of starlings that can often be seen returning to roost beneath Aberystwyth Pier at sunset.

Website:  Instagram: @gini.wade


Flora McLachlan RE

Speckled Land


The 2017 artist for Aberystwyth Printmakers Print Collectors Club is the notable Pembrokeshire based artist Flora McLachlan RE. Elected in 2013 as a Fellow of The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE), McLachlan has exhibited her work across the UK. Working principally in etching and lithography, McLachlan's poetic landscapes are a lyrical vision of dappled light and shade, an enchanted realm populated by mythical  guardian animals surrounded by wooded hills and shadowy glades. 'Speckled Land' was drawn after travelling between Brynberian and Aberystwyth and observing the unfolding hills from the car. The hedges and trees are shaped by the wind from the sea and small rushy fields shelter the animals grazing there.


Printed in collaboration with Master Printer Paul Croft, this delightful image was drawn with lithographic crayon and tusche wash and printed in five runs from plate and stone in a limited edition of 30 impressions on Grey Rives paper. Further information about Flora McLachlan can be found at:


Stewart Evans

The Edith Eleanor

04 SE Edith Eleanor 2016.jpg

As Curator of the Collections and Exhibition Designer at The Ceredigion Museum, much of Stuart’s artistic output reflects his curiosity and knowledge of local history, which not surprisingly  is closely associated with maritime history, boat building, shipping and trading. Inspired by the tremendous range of artifacts at the museum, Stuart is perhaps best known for his black and white hand-coloured linocuts of boasts. Based upon some of the superb models and paintings to be found at the museum, these colourful prints help to narrate some of the epic journeys made by these vessels, their captains and crew.


The Edith Eleanor: produced as a combined lithograph and linocut with hand colouring, this print depicts the last boat to have ever been built in Aberystwyth in 1881 – the 81 foot long three masted schooner The Edith Eleanor. Captained by William Thomas Jones, this ship travelled as far south to the Mediterranean  and as far west as the coast of Labrador – trading Welsh slate and timber for fish and salt. The ship finally met its end in the Bristol Channel in 1921 Further information about Stuart Evans can be found at:


Karen Pearce

Stone Jetty

03 KP stone Jetty 2015.jpg

Known for her dramatic landscape paintings of Aberystwyth and the surrounding countryside of Mid and West Wales, for this original lithograph, Karen has drawn the iconic Stone Jetty breakwater at Aberystwyth Harbour – producing a beautiful print that echoes some of her best known paintings of the same subject. Drawn with lithographic crayon, this six-run lithograph has been produced in collaboration with Master Printer Paul Croft, printed by hand from stone and from plate in a limited edition of only 30 impressions – available ten of each on Rives Tan, Cream or Grey.  Further information about Karen can be found on her website at:

Ian Phillips



02 IP Creiglyn 2014.jpg

For Ian Phillips who works principally in linocut, this was an opportunity for him to try a completely new and different medium and it was curious to see how his approach to drawing and planning would be affected by use of lithographic crayon and tusche in lithography. Creiglyn 2014 by Ian Phillips was printed as a five-run lithograph, printed from stone and from plate in an edition of 30 impressions. During the last few years Ian has been involved with the group Pine Feroda, an unique collective of five artists based in Devon and Cornwall, working together to produce collaborative prints on a huge scale – these prints have been a knockout success at The Royal Academy Annual Exhibitions in London.


Mary Lloyd Jones

Moel Famau

01 MLJ Moel Famau 2013.jpg

Mary Lloyd Jones whose paintings are to be found in major collections throughout the UK, Ireland and further afield, has made several prints in her career and has worked with a number of printers and different workshops including the prestigious world famous Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque. The print Moel Famau is a five run screenprint and lithograph with hand colouring – printed in an edition of 40 impressions.

Further information about Mary Lloyd Jones can be found at:

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