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Paul Rickard

Paul mainly works in the technique of reduction linoleum relief printing but also produces occasional prints using other relief and intaglio methods. His studio is situated in Llanwrtyd Wells, amidst the beauty of mid-Wales, which has a strong influence on his subject matter.


A long-held interest in archaeology means that Paul is particularly drawn to buildings and structures in their landscape settings. He is also fascinated by the concept of liminality; by boundaries, thresholds and transitional spaces. Paul’s perception of a given location is not comprised of a single view but encompasses a number of different views that form, for him, the sense of place.


The starting point for a print is usually one of his own photographs. Using a variety of manual and automatic processes, together with compositional sketches, these are abstracted and manipulated to achieve a working image which is then transferred to the lino by drawing or tracing.


Self-taught, Paul was initially attracted to printmaking by its graphic feel and the technical nature of the processes involved. Whilst this technicality might seem at odds with creativity, he has found that the medium offers almost infinite scope for artistic expression. He particularly relishes the intellectual, technical and artistic challenges involved in the creation of an image by the repeated transfer of layers of ink onto paper via carved, etched or engraved blocks. An element of serendipity can sometimes add an extra element of enjoyment and discovery to this process. 

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