Diane Rose

I work in various subject matter, but particularly the natural world. The ever changing moods of the elements and the forms and shapes within the land are what define my art. I find working within the landscape itself particularly rewarding, where my preparatory work connects me directly with the ever changing dynamics of my surroundings.


Having lived in numerous different societal and geographic locations throughout my life, including almost ten years resident in Spain where I travelled extensively, the fascinating diversity of nature remains a strongly motivational factor and is a constant inspiration for original new projects.


I consider myself fortunate to now be resident in Mid Wales where I have developed various themes over time sourced from the magnificent, sometimes savage beauty and climatic character that are unique to this part

of the world.


My medium of choice is the reduction lino print, which due to the nature of the process, means that the number of realisations for each edition is strictly limited. Contact me at: dianerose.pictures@gmail.com