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Flora McLachlan RE

I am a printmaker working in etching and lithography. An elected fellow of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers since 2008, I have established my own printmaking studio at home in Pembrokeshire. I exhibit in galleries and at print fairs across the UK. This year I was voted Printmaker’s Printmaker at Printfest. I’m a member and a director of Aberystwyth Printmakers.


I feel that lithography has an essential place in my practice. For me the marks seem especially expressive of the water-carved landscape of Wales, of the way that the elements have shaped the land with rushing stream-waters and harsh sea-winds.

It is also a wonderful partner to etching, where work proceeds with slow deep bitings, followed by laboriously scraping and polishing the light back in and then aquatinting…physically attacking the hard metal! I love this battle, but after it I rejoice in the sweep of tusche and dart of the nib across the smooth eggshell-drag of the stone surface.


I have been making work about the mind’s creative response to landscape, after sweeping through Wales in my car; its ancient landscape seems to call forth images from folk tale and myth that live in the undergrowth of our minds. In a dreaming reverie I create poetic images from these momentarily glimpsed scenes.

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