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Ruth Barrett-Danes

I am both a ceramist and printmaker and my prints reflect the development of a visual language that has been synthesised from past ceramic work and my love of all things wild and strange in the landscape translated into original prints using Collagraph and Drypoint techniques that create rich surface textures.

Most of my prints are produced in small limited editions as each print can vary due to the inking up process. Therefore, each image can have subtle differences and qualities.

My work is concerned with landscape and the natural world; its seasons, the weather and the creatures that inhabit it and attempts to explore the sense of belonging to a particular place at a particular time and those qualities that make it special.  


I now live in Hampshire though I was born in Devon and lived in Wales for over 40 years and all of those places have insinuated themselves into my work whether ceramics or printmaking.  The images I make are a précis rather than a picture – a summing up.

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