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Scarlett Rebecca

Scarlett’s work is a reflective and introspective approach to making, a meditation on themes of death, the afterlife and cultural narratives. Her work reflects a deep connection to the human experience, with a focus on themes that evoke both contemplation and emotion.


Scarlett uses the figure, overlaid with pattern, as a narrative device to explore these themes and confront her own mortality. Scarlett's work, informed by her experiences, explores universal themes that connect us all as human beings, transcending cultural boundaries and fostering a deeper understanding of our shared humanity, resulting in work that resonates deeply with the audience.

Her recent series of prints developed from research into beliefs and folklore surrounding afterlife. She created an imagined narrative of an underwater afterlife where we return to a fish form that we originally evolved from. In these series of portraits and selfportraits the figure is seen in both fish and human form, in an attempt to align ideas of afterlife with conflicting theories of evolution.


Scarlett’s artistic practice is deeply rooted in the practice of drawing, always returning to portraiture, the drawing is then taken through lithography and relief print processes.   

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